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29 January 2023

In October 2022, the ASI Board held a full day workshop to reflect on ASI’s strengths, opportunities, aspirations and desired results, and review the existing framework for change, as part of ASI’s annual strategy processes.

ASI’s new Strategy on a page, below, illustrates our ‘theory of change’ – the mechanisms through which we aim to contribute to sustainability-enhancing changes in the aluminium sector.

ASI’s four strategic foundations

Effective Governance plays an enabling foundation for ASI’s work, with a focus on multi-stakeholder decision-making at a standards and corporate governance level, as well as organisational and financial resilience.

Robust Program provides the technical foundation for delivering quality implementation of agreed standards and supporting the integrity of assurance frameworks by members and auditors.

Driving Change highlights the critical role of data and transparency to track progress, deepen insights and bring together the necessary actors to ultimately catalyse sustainability sector transformation on key sustainability topics.

Beyond Certification recognises that ASI has an opportunity to complement the Certification program through work with other stakeholders, including Indigenous Peoples and local communities, to support direct capacity building and amplify positive change in the aluminium value chain.


Desired short-term outcomes (2022-2025)

These strategic foundations will drive ASI towards its desired short-term outcomes (2022-2025): following on from the 2022 Standards launch, to build scale of participation, strengthen engagement with collaborative initiatives and frameworks, and invest in our digital ecosystem to innovatively manage data and stakeholder processes.


Medium term outcomes (2025-2030)

These in turn will position ASI for its desired medium-term outcomes (2025-2030): to further evolve its standards and certification program to meet evolving needs, enable access to relevant metrics on progress, and to reach a critical mass for sectoral change at scale (through these and other drivers).  The next Standards Revision will be in this timeframe; while the  periodic major revision cycle is mapped onto the timeframes to highlight key milestones, these will be supported by more frequent guidance and learning updates.


Long term goals (2030-2050)

Together, these outcomes will propel ASI’s members and stakeholders towards our long-term goals (2030-2050) on climate, circularity, nature positive and delivering social value.  As ASI’s Strategy is updated annually, it is anticipated that these goals will become increasingly concrete (and urgent) as collective progress and effort is made across a wide range of programs.


Stay Informed

We are excited about the year ahead as ASI’s certifying members transition to the new 2022 Standards, as well as a wide range of other important activities and projects that aim to advance sustainability in the aluminium value chain.  We look forward to regularly sharing our progress with you each month.

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