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TAHA International B.V.

Join month: July 2021


Member class: Production & Transformation

TAHA is a multi-discipline solutions provider with corporate offices in Bahrain, offering innovative, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective services, equipment and products to the aluminium and steel industry worldwide.

TAHA’s aluminium dross processing solutions recover metal and refine the residuals, without using salt or any other chemicals, turning the residuals into feedstocks for a number of in house developed value-added applications.

TAHA’s mission is to assist the aluminium industry in changing the way it deals with its dross. A key to achieving this mission is through heightening awareness for cost-effective and zero-waste forward thinking solutions. TAHA believes that both salt cake and landfill must be eliminated and replaced through value-added products derived from depleted dross, which contrary to conventional belief is actually a mineral rich resource.

Because TAHA’s processing solutions are designed to operate in the close vicinity of the cast houses that generate the dross they are easily implemented and highly flexible in terms of the dross quantities that require processing. Environmental considerations are becoming more and more pertinent ­making reducing or eliminating waste ever more so important.

Taha is committed to the sustainable zero waste management of aluminium dross, and to forming part of the wider ‘greener’ journey the aluminium industry is embarked on.

– Graham Bruce, Chief Executive Officer