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ASI welcomes new members from anywhere in the world, from every part of the aluminium supply chain, and from civil society groups, associations, and other supporting organisations.

In 2017, ASI members are working on:

  • Finalizing the assurance model and normative documents for a third-party certification program.
  • Finalizing a chain-of-custody standard for the flow of ASI-compliant aluminium through the value chain.
  • Fine-tuning the online assurance platform elementAl and taking the first steps on self assessments

These activities will be informed by consensus-building with members, stakeholder engagement meetings, expert input and pilot testing of proposed models.  ASI encourages your support and engagement in these critical development stages.

Relevant Documents

Next steps...

ASI is on track to launch its Standards at the end of 2017/start of 2018. Find out more.

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