Standards for the aluminium value chain

The ASI Performance and Chain of Custody Standards have been developed and designed to be globally applied, and throughout the aluminium value chain to:

  • enable the aluminium industry to demonstrate responsibility and provide independent and credible assurance of performance;
  • reinforce and promote consumer and stakeholder confidence in aluminium products;
  • reduce reputational risks concerning aluminium and aluminium industry players; and
  • address the expressed needs by downstream industrial users and consumers for responsible sourcing of aluminium.

ASI’s standards are applicable to all stages of aluminium production and transformation, specifically: bauxite mining, alumina refining, primary aluminium production, semi-fabrication (rolling, extrusion, forging and foundry), material conversion, and refining and re-melting of recycled scrap, as well as material stewardship criteria relevant to downstream users of aluminium.

Core program elements

The following documents, launched in December 2017, form the core of the ASI Certification program:

See how the normative documents of the ASI Standards System fit together


Translations into Chinese, French and other languages are in development and will be posted here as soon as available.

Supporting Harmonisation

The ASI assurance model seeks to harmonise with other standards and initiatives wherever possible and appropriate, in order to reduce unnecessary duplication. The ASI Benchmarking and Harmonisation Working Group works to identify related external schemes in operation which share issues and objectives with ASI Standards that can be recognised in the ASI Assurance Manual. Requests for evaluation of other relevant external schemes not yet assessed should be sent to

Dig deeper

  • The responsible aluminium and ASI backgrounder outlines the application of the ASI Standards to specific issues relevant to the aluminium value chain (e.g., climate change, indigenous peoples’ rights, etc.)
  • Webinars are available on various aspects of the ASI Standards program and overviews of the Standards on our Youtube channel
  • Trace the history of the development of the Performance Standard

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