ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard

Introduction to CoC

ASI’s certification program aims to drive uptake of standards that foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium by companies in the supply chain.

The ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard is being developed to connect assurance about business’ practices under the ASI Performance Standard, to claims about aluminium and responsible sourcing.

The ASI CoC Standard defines requirements for Entities and Facilities implementing chain of custody management systems, including systems for sourcing, accounting and transfer of CoC Material and Eligible Scrap. It covers both primary and secondary (recycled) production, throughout the aluminium supply chain.

What parts of the supply chain are covered by the CoC Standard?

The ASI CoC Standard defines 3 key stages for the flow of CoC Material in supply chains. These stages involve quite different kinds of entities responsible for handling raw materials, metal production, and further fabrication and manufacturing to final products:

  • Primary Aluminium: Mine to Casthouse
  • Recycled Aluminium: Scrap to Casthouse
  • Post-Casthouse: Semi-fabrication and manufacturing to final product.
ASI Chain of Custody standard

ASI Standards 2017 Consultation Plan

Starting May 5, 2017, ASI is holding a 60-day consultation period simultaneously for both the Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard and Performance Standard to enable an integrated review by stakeholders and consideration of comments received, ahead of a planned pilot program. Key dates are:

  • ASI Standards – public consultation on latest drafts of Performance Standard and CoC Standard – May-June 2017
  • Pilot program – July-September 2017
  • Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum meeting – July 2017
  • Committee review of all feedback – September-October 2017
  • Adoption of final standards – target November/December 2017.

History of CoC Standard development

A previous public consultation period for the Chain of Custody (CoC) Draft 3 and Guidance Draft 1 was open from Friday October 21 until Friday December 23, 2016. The consultation versions are available below for information purposes, along with a log of comments received.

In Q1 2017, the ASI Standards Committee considered all the feedback and comments received. A log of the comments received and ASI’s responses is available in an Excel file below. The comments can be re-ordered using the filter tabs at the head of each column. A separate tab groups specific feedback on the Market Credits System that was submitted in a dedicated section on the comments form.  A summary report is also available:

ASI sincerely thanks all who took the time to review and provide feedback on the CoC drafts.

Draft 1 of the CoC Standard was drafted and reviewed with the ASI Standards Setting Group (SSG) during 2014.  It proposed a mass-balance volume-credit model, which can be applied at the company and/or facility level. Following input from the SSG and some stakeholders, Draft 2 of the CoC Standard was then published on the ASI website in January 2015.

In April 2016, the ASI Standards Committee was established and has worked to formalise its approach to standards development in accordance with ISEAL requirements, and prepared a new draft of the CoC Standard for public comment. The following have now been published on the ASI website:

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