ASI Certification

During 2015-2017, ASI is working to build and implement credible systems for ASI certification, for both the Performance Standard and Chain of Custody standards, through consultative and consensus-building processes.  In this work, ASI aims to comply with the Codes of Good Practice set out by the ISEAL Alliance.

Standard Setting Procedure

In May 2016, ASI published its Standards Setting Procedure which outlines the process ASI will use for the development, approval, publication and revision of ASI Standards. The procedure applies to the development of new and revision of existing ASI Standards and is aligned with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice.

Key Documents and Systems

Key documents and systems being developed include:

ASI has developed an orientation document, also available in French, Portuguese and Chinese, to introduce stakeholders to these various elements of its program. The orientation document describes each of the normative documents that are being developed for the ASI Certification program and their status at July 2016.

Plans for 2017

During 2017, ASI plans to:

  1. Conduct public consultation on CoC standard Version 1 draft 4 as well as Performance Standard Version 2 draft 1, and build consensus on a final version for Standards Committee approval.
  2. Develop Standards Guidance for the Performance Standard and CoC Standard.
  3. Agree the risk/materiality approach to assurance as will be outlined in the ASI Assurance Manual and put this to public consultation.
  4. Transform work on indicators convened by IUCN into an audit protocol for the ASI Performance Standard, and develop an audit protocol for the CoC Standard, both with a risk-based approach.
  5. Develop ASI’s monitoring and evaluation plan, so relevant data collection for impacts reporting can be integrated into the design of the assessment and reporting approach.
  6. Develop auditor accreditation criteria and process, and encourage applications.
  7. Build an online assessment platform for ASI standards.
  8. Develop and roll out first member and auditor training program – initially to pilot participants.
  9. Pilot test ASI standards and assurance model via the online assessment platform.

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