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29 April 2022

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ASI Board adopts Revised Standards, launch planned for May 19

On April 27, the ASI Board adopted the revised ASI Performance and Chain of Custody Standards, supporting Guidance, Assurance Manual, Claims Guide and Glossary as By-Laws. These 2022 versions of the ASI Certification documents are the outcome of a major Standards Revision process and will be formally launched around May 19. Read More.

Results of ASI annual governance elections

Each year ASI holds a nomination and election process for its two important governance bodies – the ASI Board (8 people) and the ASI Standards Committee (24 people). The structure of these groups is designed to include a balance of interested parties. Read More.

Roadmap for the launch of ASI’s revised Standards

With the adoption of the ASI Standards (2022) and supporting documents, our focus moves to the launch in May. The backbone elements supporting the work of ASI Members and Accredited Auditors and our communications will be launched in coordination with the revised Standards. Read More.

Data & Research Insights: Statistics and overview of the ASI Standards Revision Public Consultation

During 2020-2022, ASI engaged with Members and stakeholders in the Standards Revision process of the ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard and associated Guidance, the Assurance Manual and Claims Guide. Two rounds of public consultation provided opportunities for members and stakeholders to provide input. In this article, we present statistics and a general overview of the stakeholder participation and feedback received during the second public consultation. Read More.

ASI is ISEAL Code Compliant

ASI has successfully completed the independent evaluation against the ISEAL Impacts Code in April 2022.  Our system has now been independently evaluated against all of ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice: for Standard-Setting, Assurance and Impacts. Read More.

ASI’s learning platform moves to a new hosting platform with expanded curriculum

To improve the user experience and provide easy access to a broader and richer range of training materials to our growing audiences in coordination with the launch of the revised ASI Standards, ASI will be transitioning its educationAL online learning modules to a new platform the week of May 9, 2022. Read More.

Watch our latest webinar recording – Decarbonising shipping: How Cargill works to make zero carbon shipping a reality

Chris Bayliss, ASI Director of Standards hosts this conversation with Jan Dieleman, President Cargill Ocean Transportation to discuss the importance of reducing scope 3 emissions and the solutions that Cargill is working on with others. Read More.

Catch up on all past 45 Minutes on… webinar recordings

Each of our 45 Minutes on… webinars is recorded and publicly available. Read More.

ASI Certifications update

In April, ASI Members achieved ten new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline.

  • Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. has achieved ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification for aluminium re-melting, refining and semi-fabrication activities, associated with the manufacture of aluminium foil at the Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil plant, China. Consult the media release.
  • Trimet France has achieved ASI Performance Standard Certification for the development, manufacture and sale of aluminium in the form of wire rods, slabs and ingots, production of molten aluminium, and manufacture of anodes at the Saint- Jean-de-Maurienne and Castelsarrasin sites in France. Consult the media release.
  • Logan Aluminum has achieved ASI Performance Standard Certification for remelting, recycling, casting, hot mill rolling, cold mill rolling, and coil finishing activities at the Logan Aluminum facility in Russellville, Kentucky, USA. Consult the media release.
  • TBC Ball Beverage Can Vietnam Limited has been successfully certified against the ASI Performance Standard (Provisional) and Chain of Custody Standard for responsible production, sourcing, and stewardship of aluminium for its production facility outside Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Consult the media release.
  • Crown Holdings, Inc. has achieved ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification for the manufacture of aluminium can bodies and can ends its Crown Beverage Can Brazil Division subsidiary. Consult the media release.
  • Alcoa has achieved ASI Performance Standard Certification (Provisional) at its smelting and casting operation at Massena, New York, USA. The plant is known as the longest continually operating aluminium facility in the world. Consult the media release.
  • Symetal has achieved ASI Performance Standard Certification for its aluminium foil rolling facility (Oinofyta) and aluminium foil converting facility (Mandra) in Greece. Consult the media release.
  • Ball Asia Pacific (Yangon) Metal Container Limited has achieved ASI Performance Standard with Provisional status and Chain of Custody Standard Certification for the manufacture and supply of aluminium can bodies and procurement and supply of can ends at its plant in Yangon, Myanmar. Consult the media release.

ASI Membership news

In April, ASI welcomed two Production & Transformation members and one Industrial User member, bringing the total number of ASI members to 220. Read More.

Upcoming Events

ASI Secretariat team members will be speaking at the following events. Read More.


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