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30 January 2024

The objectives of the project conducted by ASI and Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum (IPAF) in Guinea are to conduct training workshops, focusing on the bauxite mining cycle from exploration to extraction and rehabilitation, and share this information with local communities in local languages. The project, initiated in 2022, first involved field research in bauxite mining regions such as Boké and Kindia aimed to understand community perceptions of bauxite extraction, and then to develop the training approach and content.

The Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum (IPAF) is a communications and engagement platform between representatives of Indigenous Peoples and ASI. IPAF members also participate in – and provide input, advice and recommendations for – key areas of ASI’s work with, and for Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

ASI collaborated with the IPAF network in Guinea, as well as the Ministry of Mines and Geology, to first conduct train-the-trainer workshops, and with these trainers, conduct workshops with local community representatives in Guinea’s bauxite mining region. The benefit to the workshops’ participants – over 750 including women, youth, and elders – was made clear as they expressed that this had been the first time that they had been offered this kind of training and information. The workshops continue with the goal is to reach out to more than 100 local communities in order to empower them to more actively participate in bauxite mining development activities.

The research and training outcomes highlight the importance of providing communities with accessible information in local languages and address their interest in understanding the mining process, contributing to it, and participating in rehabilitation planning. The results underscore the need for clear, concise information that empowers communities to engage effectively in mining-related activities, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between affected communities and mining operations.


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