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5 August 2022

Schüco International KG (Schüco) has achieved ASI Chain of Custody Standard V1 (2017) Certification for its headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, and the UK. These operations achieved ASI Performance Standard (Material Stewardship) in 2019 for the design, development, sale and distribution of aluminium systems and object solutions for the building envelope. 

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) today announced that Schüco has been successfully certified against the ASI Chain of Custody Standard for its headquarters, Schüco International KG in Bielefeld (Germany) and subsidiaries in Wertingen (Germany), Le Perray-en-Yvelines (France), Padova (Italy) and Milton Keynes (United Kingdom).

The ASI CoC Standard sets out requirements for the creation of a Chain of Custody for material that is produced and processed through the value chain into diverse downstream sectors. The implementation of ASI’s CoC Standard links verified practices at successive steps of the supply chain – certified under the ASI Performance Standard – to the products produced by ASI Certified Entities. The CoC Standard also confirms that appropriate policies and due diligence process are in place to identify and address critical issues, such as corruption, human rights abuses, materials originating from conflict-affected and high-risk areas in the supply chain and support responsible sourcing.

The independent, third-party audit of the Schüco operations was carried out by GUTcert (AFNOR Group).

“We congratulate Schüco on achieving Chain of Custody Standard Certification at these five facilities. Building system elements — doors, windows, and façades — such as those manufactured by Schüco are essential to the sustainability performance of the built environment during their use phase. They are also relevant to a number of key criteria in green building certifications including sustainable procurement and life cycle impact, which extend beyond a building’s use phase. In this sense, a growing number of green building certification schemes are recognizing the relevance to their criteria of the ASI Standards, and for manufacturers of building components, dual ASI Certification can provide a clear demonstration of the sustainability credentials of their production process and their products.”

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI

“Schüco’s goal is to ensure the protection of human rights and the environment along the entire value chain and to ensure a responsible supply chain. Certification to the ASI Chain of Custody Standard is a big step in the right direction in this respect and we are very pleased to be able to offer ASI-certified aluminium to our customers in the future too.”

Andreas Engelhardt, CEO at Schüco

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