OTTO FUCHS KG & Schüco International KG

Join month: May 2015


Member class: Industrial Users

The OTTO FUCHS Group membership superseded Schüco’s membership in November 2021. The Group includes OTTO FUCHS KG and Schüco International KG.


We shape the future Experience. Know-how. Innovations.Space flight, moving people and transporting goods globally, high-tech mechanical engineering, shaping the landscape of today‘s large cities through modern architecture …… our enterprise is active in all these areas, furnishing new concepts, products and solutions.The limited partnership of OTTO FUCHS – founded in 1910 – is a leading globally active company whose products set trends in the aerospace, automotive and construction industry as well as in the industrial engineering.

70 years of Schüco

System solutions for windows, doors and façades Based in Bielefeld, the Schüco Group develops and sells system solutions for win-dows, doors and façades. With 5650 employees worldwide, the company strives to be the industry leader in terms of technology and service both now and in the future. In addition to innovative products for residential and commercial buildings, the build-ing envelope specialist offers consultation and digital solutions for all phases of a building project – from the initial idea through to design, fabrication and installation.

The OTTO FUCHS Group (OTTO FUCHS KG & Schüco International KG) is a family owned business with more than 110 years of history. Being on the market for such a long time, we have proven that we live sustainability in all our business areas. Expanding our ASI membership from Schüco to the whole group means for us to put an external approval on our sustainability activities, to foster our existing efforts, and thus officialising our high standards.

– Matthias Esdar, Head of Marketing & Sustainability, Otto Fuchs KG


Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification scope:
  • Schüco International KG with headquarter in Bielefeld (Germany) and the subsidiaries Schüco KG Wertingen (Germany), Schüco S.C.S Le Perray-en-Yvelines (France), Schüco srl Padova (Italy) and Schüco Ltd. Milton Keynes. Design, development, sale and distribution of aluminium systems and object solutions for the building envelope. (UK)
Supply chain activities included in the audit scope:
  • Other manufacturing or sale of products containing Aluminium