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26 April 2022

Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. has achieved ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification for aluminium re-melting, refining and semi-fabrication activities, associated with the manufacture of aluminium foil at the Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil plant, China. The plant achieved Performance Standard Certification in August 2021.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) today announced that the Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. facility in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China has achieved Chain of Custody Standard Certification. The facility has an annual capacity to produce more than 200,000 tonnes of aluminium sheet and foil in various gauges that are destined for several downstream uses in the electronics, packaging, pharmaceutical, HVAC and other sectors.

The ASI Certification program was developed through an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation process and is the only comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain. The ASI CoC Standard sets out requirements for the creation of a Chain of Custody for material that is produced and processed through the value chain into diverse downstream sectors. The implementation of ASI’s CoC Standard links verified practices at successive steps of the supply chain – certified under the ASI Performance Standard – to the products produced by ASI Certified Entities. The CoC Standard also confirms that appropriate policies and due diligence process are in place to identify and address critical issues in the supply chain and support responsible sourcing.

The independent, third-party audit of Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. was carried out by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI said “ASI warmly congratulates Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. on achieving Chain of Custody Standard Certification for its aluminium foil rolling facility. ASI members are responding to a growing expectation from customers and stakeholders that the entire aluminium value chain becomes certified. Achieving ASI Chain of Custody certification in addition to their Performance Standard Certification is a demonstration that the company supports responsible practices and sourcing of aluminium in their upstream supply chain.”

Chen Debin, Executive Director of Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. said, “We are delighted to have successfully passed the ASI Chain of Custody Standard certification, which is an important achievement in our sustainable development plan. It will play a positive role in establishing the company’s image as a reliable and responsible enterprise for aluminium products and promoting win-win cooperation between the company and enterprises along the aluminium industry chain. We continually strive to be a global aluminium foil manufacturer with strong competitiveness.”

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