The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Complaints Mechanism aims to ensure the fair, timely and objective resolution of complaints relating to ASI’s standards setting processes, certification program, auditor conduct and ASI policies and procedures. It serves as an important part of the overall ASI governance model, allowing stakeholders to raise issues of concern and have these investigated and addressed as appropriate.  The complaints procedure does not replace or limit access to judicial remedies.

Download the ASI Complaints Mechanism

The document sets out the principles and procedures of the ASI Complaints Mechanism. The ASI Complaints Mechanism, including all decisions made under it, binds:

  • ASI, ASI Members and Board directors – by virtue of the ASI Constitution; and
  • ASI Auditors, ASI employees, contractors and others – by virtue of separate contractual arrangements.

The ASI Complaints Mechanism accepts complaints from organisations or individuals that are:

  • A Member or employee of a Member
  • An ASI Auditor or employee of an Auditor
  • A third party who ASI determines has a relevant and sufficient interest in ASI’s activities, such as a community group, non-government organisation (NGO), trade union, or Indigenous Peoples’ organisation

Initial telephone or email enquiries can be made to ASI to seek guidance as to the eligibility, content or process for submitting a Complaint. Enquiries can help identify the relevant parties to a potential Complaint, or discuss avenues for raising them directly.  Such enquiries should be made to:

Concerns can sometimes be solved quickly and informally through this kind of engagement.

To formally invoke the ASI Complaints Mechanism, a Complaint must be submitted in writing. An ASI Complaints Form, and guidance for completing it, is included in Appendix 1 of the document.

Unless otherwise agreed with ASI, Complaints (and supporting evidence) must be submitted in English. ASI may request Complainants to prepare official translations of documents that are not in English at the Complainant’s expense. For Complaints involving Indigenous Peoples communities, ASI will discuss with Complainants on a case by case basis how translations support can be provided where necessary.

Fully completed ASI Complaints Forms with supporting evidence may be submitted by post or email:

ASI Complaints Officer, PO Box 4061, Balwyn East, VIC 3103, AUSTRALIA