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ASI Performance Standard: Overview and progress on addressing Non-Conformances

Latest info: 2023 // Project active since: 2021 

ASI Certification growth trends in the aluminium value chain since our first certification in March 2018, (D&R Insight article). 

Learnings & recommendations

Tracking the Certification growth trends provides insights into the adoption of ASI Standards and effectiveness of ASI Certification Program meeting aluminium industry needs. Additionally, it can provide information on the demand for certified aluminium production and/ or products. This allows ASI to adapt its Certification Program to keep it relevant for the industry. At the time of the [February, 2023] analysis, the achievement of 233 certifications against the 2017 ASI Standards over five years (2018-2022) shown a strong uptake of ASI’s voluntary sustainability standards in the aluminium sector.  

ASI reflections

The Membership growth rate in 2023 was 21.4% and the majority of the certifying members heard about ASI through a business partner, supplier or customer. This means that there is still interest in ASI Certification as a ready-made tool for managing some aspects of the aluminium supply chain.  

ASI continues to monitor uptake of ASI Certification, particularly in light of the 2022 Standards which have expanded criteria and associated assurance costs.    

The number of Certification Audits (initial, surveillance and re-certification) completed each year has risen from 71 in 2020 to 203 in 2023, and for 2024, (as of 30 April) nearly 80 audits have already been completed. It is estimated that close to 300 audits will be completed during 2024.  

ASI continues to listen and communicate about the value of Certification, and what support is available to ASI Members for their sustainability journey. 



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