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ASI Standards Revision public consultation now open: overview webinars on March 9 & 11

After more than a year of discussions in the Working Groups and Standards Committee, ASI is excited to have released revised versions of all six core ASI documents for a 60-day public consultation that began on March 1, 2021.

The Working Groups and Standards Committee considered over 200 individual items that were collected from comments made and learnings since the start of implementation of the Standards in December 2017.

The resulting recommendations are compiled in the six core ASI documents as tracked changes, and over 60 days — from March 1 to April 30 — we are requesting your insights and comments on the proposed revisions. We look forward to receiving our stakeholders’ feedback to see if proposed changes are on the right track or how we could further improve them.

As part of the kick-off activities for the public consultation period, we will be holding two overview webinars. The webinars are recommended for stakeholders that are interested to hear focused, high-level information on the most important changes being proposed in the ASI Standards and the accompanying documents. The webinars have been timed to enable participation from all time zones.

The Standards Revision documents, an overview brochure and a short overview video are available now, so feel free to browse these in advance of the webinars and bring your questions to the sessions. Find all the relevant documents on the Revisions page of the ASI website.

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