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9 August 2022

ASI is pleased to announce that Autotech-UK (Gestamp) has joined as a Downstream Supporter member.

About Autotech-UK (Gestamp)

Autotech Engineering R&D UK Ltd, are part of the Gestamp Chassis Business Unit, which are responsible for the design, development, prototype and testing of chassis products. Autotech have developed leading edge optimisation tools and design methods for the development of lightweight chassis parts and have a reputation as a highly experienced and innovative supplier to the automotive industry. Gestamp (Autotech) is continuously innovating in Product/Process and material development to support their customers with high strength lightweight environmentally friendly structures.

Gestamp is an international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal automotive components and for further details see:

Sustainability in its broadest sense has always been present at Gestamp and is one of the strategic areas, together with innovation and competitiveness. Without losing its long-term vision, Gestamp shows its commitment to society and its stakeholders based on Environmental Social and Good Governance criteria, with the aim of being a leader in the sector.

The sustainability strategy and the fight against climate change are part of the company’s DNA and we pursue economic, social and environmental goals in equal parts.

– Philip Potter, Advanced Technologies Project Manager


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