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10 May 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that Baotou Aluminum Co. , Ltd. has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.

About Baotou Aluminum Co. , Ltd.

Baotou Aluminum Co. , Ltd., formerly known as Baotou Aluminum Factory, was founded in 1958. It was an electrolytic aluminium enterprise built during the Second Five-Year Plan period of China and the first electrolytic aluminium enterprise designed and built by itself after the founding of New China. After more than 60 years of development, the company has been built into the electrolytic aluminium base of Chinalco in northern China, and is the first phalanx of China’s aluminium industry. It has a production capacity of 1.3 million tons of electrolytic aluminium, 1.71 million kilowatts of self-provided electric power, 50,000 tons of high-purity aluminium and 120,000 tons of anode. It has total assets of 18.22 billion yuan and covers an area of 9,114 mu. It is a national demonstration enterprise of recycling economy, the world’s largest and the only domestic producer of high-purity aluminium by segregation method. The technology capacity of its own electricity and electrolytic aluminium equipment is at the leading level in the domestic industry. It is the national and industrial standard setter for major aluminium and aluminium alloy products, and has a high position in the industry. The main products are high purity aluminium, all kinds of aluminium alloy, aluminium liquid, aluminium ingot and steam. Mainly used in aerospace, military industry, transportation, engineering and construction.

Baotou Aluminum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: Baalu) always adheres to the “one”, “two wings”, “three engines” development strategy, to wind, light new energy and coal resources development. To strengthen energy and electricity, consolidate cost advantages, to high purification alloying, terminal collaborative development, fine alloy processing, constantly extending the value chain and expanding profit space. Baalu always adheres to the mission of “making better alloy renewal for a lighter and greener world”. Baalu is committed to becoming a responsible partner for aluminium production, procurement and management through first-class management, first-class site, first-class products, first-class benefits, first-class team and first-class culture. Baalu is committed to creating a business model of inclusiveness, sharing and benefitting all sides to look forward to the blue sky of a green aluminium industry.

– Zhang Ruizhong, Vice General Manager

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