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13 February 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that Deco Australia has joined as a Downstream Supporter member.

About Deco Australia

DECO Australia is an Australian family-owned business and manufacturer of aluminium architectural building products and high-quality surface finishes. Launching into the architectural industry in 2004 with their premium DecoWood® aluminium finish, DECO Australia now also offers their own range of innovative and durable aluminium building systems, including cladding, battens, decking and fencing, as well as an expanded range of architectural finishes including rust-look, concrete-look, solid colour and anodised finishes.

In 2018, they began offering a wider range of protective coatings and speciality finishes to offer ultimate protection to metal parts and components in a range of industries. With a wide selection of finishes available to suit project needs, including anodising, hard anodising, powder coating, and specialty and custom finishing, DECO plays an important role in industrial sustainment.

Today, DECO’s products and finishes are utilised and sold nation-wide to multiple industries including construction, transport, automotive, engineering, cookware, medical, pharmaceutical, mining and defence.

DECO Australia is an innovative manufacturer of quality aluminium building products and protective finishes. At DECO we are continuously striving to better our business, and we seek actively to surround ourselves with partners that we can collaborate with to meet our collective sustainable development goals. Becoming an ASI member is an exciting opportunity as we continue to develop and pursue best practices for a more sustainable future for all.

– Richard Hamber, General Manager

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