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13 February 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Independent Extrusions Ltd has joined as a new Production & Transformation member.

About Independent Extrusions Ltd

Independent Extrusions Limited, or INEX as it is known, is an acknowledged leader in the aluminium extrusion industry. We supply extruded aluminium to the manufacturing and fabrication industries throughout New Zealand and Australia. Independent Extrusions Limited is a privately owned joint venture established in 1997 in response to market demand for a superior supplier of aluminium extrusions. Production commenced in 1998. At INEX we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceeding customer expectations. This commitment is demonstrated by the consistent supply of superior products and services to our domestic and export customers. The close working relationship that we have with our customers sets us apart, enabling us to understand their business and therefore meet their needs. We work with our customers to develop a competitive advantage for their business. We know that our people and our technology are our greatest strengths. Our focus on creating a positive learning environment ensures the continuous improvement of all internal processes and keeps us at the forefront of international extrusion technology. With our new New Zealand two press operation, our customers are assured continuity of supply.

We promote sustainable business practices in our sector by promoting high operational efficiencies, careful energy consumption and responsible waste management. We are privileged to supply to the international market, a virtually infinitely recyclable product that in itself, is employed in a myriad of applications whose conceptions are rooted in the principles of energy efficiency.

– John Lynch, CEO

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