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9 July 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Intals S.p.A. has joined as a new Production & Transformation member.

About Intals S.p.A.

INTALS S.p.A. (formerly Vedani Carlo Metalli S.p.A.) has been operating in the field of aluminum alloy production for over 100 years and it’s one of the most important manufacturers in Europe. The starting materials are recovered metals, processing residues, collected scrap and primary aluminium. The company’s activity consists of the production and marketing of aluminum alloys for foundries (ingots, billets for extrusion, rolling plates, special products for steelworks), marketing of master alloys and pure aluminium, marketing of scrap and ferrous metal waste , non-ferrous and mixed according to standard regulations or according to specific customer specifications for each application sector, above all automotive sector and construction, with a particular attention to sustainability pillars.

The ASI certification increases the company’s reputation and protects both its collaborators and its customers, aware of making socially responsible purchases. Our efforts are towards the achievement of the ASI Performance Standard. Our aim is to keep a strong international business, but with a deep commitment in sustainable development including carbon footprint reduction by recyclable, innovative aluminium products, where circular economy is our core business.

– Marco Vedani – CEO

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