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21 March 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Roberts Metal Packaging Limited has joined as a new Industrial User member.

About Roberts Metal Packaging Limited

Roberts is a leading European producer of Aluminium and Tinplate Pre-threaded Screw Caps, Small Containers and Godets supplying many leading companies in the following sectors:

  • Fragrance, Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Veterinary
  • Niche Foods and Confectionery
  • Tobacco and Snuff
  • Jewellery, Clothing, Leather and other Luxury Product Packaging
  • Homecare and Shoe-care
  • Promotional and Giftware
  • Various Industrial

Roberts’ product range is continually evolving, offering “outstanding metal packaging solutions” to niche markets with the following unique selling points:

  • An expanding and complementary product range which is un-matched by any competitor worldwide
  • A World Leader in embossing/de-bossing of aluminium containers and closures
  • Specialist knowledge of thread-rolling technology and the ability to apply it to different elements of the product range
  • The only Trade Manufacturer of pressed powder godets in the UK
  • Aluminium and Tinplate packaging components are 100% “recyclable”, and the necessary collection and recycling infrastructure exists throughout the UK and much of Europe
  • An increasing network of strategic sales agents located in key industries to ensure a high level of customer confidence when buying from Roberts
  • A strengthening awareness of, and respect for, the Roberts brand is developing globally within the markets in which it trades

As a small to medium-sized manufacturing business we are focusing our strategic mission and business philosophy on sustainability, environmental and social responsibility. Working with raw materials such as Aluminium provide us with the opportunity to determine our future goals for environmental management based on sustainability, energy efficiency and a circular economy in order to achieve net zero by 2050.

– Chris Saunders, Managing Director

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