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ASI welcomes three new members

In the last month, ASI has gained 3 new members – one in the Civil Society membership class, one in the General Supporters membership class, and one new Association member.  To find out more about becoming an ASI member, visit the Join ASI page on the ASI website.


ASI is delighted to announce that IUCN, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, hasjoined ASI as its first Civil Society member.  IUCN is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization, with almost 1,300 government and NGO Members and more than 15,000 volunteer experts in 185 countries. IUCN’s work is supported by almost 1,000 staff in 45 offices and hundreds of partners in public, NGO and private sectors around the world.

IUCN successfully co-ordinated the ASI multi-stakeholder standards-setting process, resulting in the publication of the ASI Performance Standard in December 2014.  ASI warmly welcomes their transition from ASI host to member! Find out more about IUCN at:

Regain_Logo_2014_web_sm-copyRegain Materials

ASI is also pleased to announce that Regain Materials Pty Ltd has joined as the first General Supporter member.  Regain provides sustainable advantages for the aluminium, cement and clay brick industries and for the environment through the safe and economic transformation of aluminium smelter waste materials, such as spent pot lining (SPL).  For more information, visit their website at:

“Regain is very pleased to support the ASI. Our reasons for joining are that we believe the ASI:

  1. encourages and promotes a global movement towards practical sustainability in aluminium production
  2. will become a thought leader in materials stewardship as the world increasingly turns to waste as a resource
  3. provides a framework for the aluminium industry to respond to and shape societal expectations of sustainable practices.

We look forward to contributing to this important initiative.”

Phil Black, Vice President, Aluminium Industry Development


IGORA Cooperative for Aluminium Recycling

IGORA has participated in the ASI Standards Setting Group (SSG) since 2013 and has now joined ASI as a member in the Associations membership class.

The IGORA Cooperative for Aluminium Recycling is coordinating the recycling of aluminium packaging in Switzerland since 1989. Communication with the public, authorities, the recycling industry and retail businesses is a key element of IGORA’s activities. IGORA has been responsible for Ferro Recycling since 2012 and is a founding member of the IGSU interest group for a clean environment, which was established in 2007. IGSU is committed to stopping littering and keeping Switzerland clean. For more information, visit:


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