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15 June 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that VDL Bike Frame Technologies has joined as a Downstream Supporter member.

About VDL Bike Frame Technologies

VDL Bike Frame Technologies is a producer of 100% EU made aluminium bicycle frames. Founded in July 2022, as a part of the international industrial family business VDL Groep, we bring the expertise of a high-tech multinational into bicycle frame production. Being the first to use a completely automated, automotive like production process. As a European frame manufacturer we have solved the puzzle. Being able to produce frames and source the necessary parts all within Europe. The suppliers we chose all share the same view on the importance of further improving the sustainability of our entire supply chain. By developing and producing in an innovative and competitive way, we strive to contribute to the improvement of the industry, the living environment and our general well-being.

VDL Bike Frame Technologies wants to provide a sustainable solution for aluminum bike frame production within Europe. We join ASI to commit to responsible sourcing of the materials used for our products.

– Jason Koevoet, Managing Director

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