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Aluminium Stewardship Initiative’s Year Ahead

In 2017, ASI will be working to finalise and deliver an independent third-party certification program for the aluminium value chain.  Our four strategic priorities are Effective governance, Credible program, Growing membership and Financial resilience. For the year ahead, we have some critical objectives, particularly in the areas of governance and program development. 

We will be holding our annual meetings, including the AGM, and the Board and Standards Committee meetings, in Montreal in April 2017 (register to attend here). We also look forward to convening this year’s Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum meeting, building on the constructive meeting held in 2016. Both gatherings will provide important opportunities for dialogue and input into this year’s critical phase of program development.

Key components of the ASI certification program will be further drafted, tested and finalised this year. These include final public consultations for ASI’s Standards and Guidance for both the Chain of Custody and Performance Standards; accreditation of auditors and topic experts; pilot testing of the ASI assurance platform with members; further detailing of ASI’s monitoring and evaluation plan; and the development of member and auditor training to build capacity for conformance and assessments. The aim is to finalise the certification program for its planned launch by year end.

Of course, we also aim to continue to grow ASI membership and raise awareness of ASI’s mission and progress. It will be a packed year, but working with our members and interested stakeholders, we plan to weave together the necessary processes and elements to achieve our objectives.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to keeping you updated on our progress! 

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