Following 6 years of continued membership growth, ASI welcomed its 200th Member in 2021.
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With further growth predicted in the coming years, ASI’s Strategy in 2022 is focused on ensuring effective governance, implementing credible programs, driving positive change within the aluminium value chain and engaging with affected stakeholders “Beyond Certification”. To deliver on our Strategy, it is crucial for us to understand what drives Entities to join ASI, what benefits they expect to receive, and the challenges that they face.

In late 2021 ASI conducted a survey of all ASI Members that had achieved ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard Certification between 1 January 2018 and 23 November 2021 to understand what Members saw as the drivers, benefits and challenges associated with ASI Certification.  The survey response rate equalled 38% (40 respondents out of 106 contacted).

Key takeaways:

Drivers – respondents reported multiple drivers for joining ASI and seeking Certification, and the most common ones included to:

  • Improve /demonstrate their responsible business practices
  • Meet their stakeholder / customer expectations
  • Gain competitive advantage

Benefits – after achieving ASI Certification, respondents found that the main benefits were to:

  • Demonstrate sustainable practices to external stakeholders
  • Improve business practices resulting from the Certification process

Challenges – while most respondents found the Self-Assessment moderate and Audit processes moderate to straightforward in difficulty, some respondents shared qualitative feedback regarding the:

  • Efforts needed for the Certification process, including time for the process, internal training of staff, and preparing evidence of conformance.

For their participation in this survey, we extend our sincere thanks to the 40 individuals who responded on behalf of their Member company.  A number of valuable areas of improvement have been identified in the report which ASI will be working on during 2022.


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