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8 October 2021

ASI has launched its new Public Dashboard for elementAl, our online assurance platform. The Public Dashboard provides database-level access to ASI Certification data that, to date, has been published only in PDF form. Streamlined access is now available for current and historical ASI Certification data, which can be used to inform stakeholders’ analyses and decision-making.

The new Public Dashboard will be automatically visible to existing elementAl users when they next login.  Interested ASI Member representatives that do not have existing elementAl access can create a Public Dashboard account to access the chart-based reporting of published Certification data – the information already available in PDF form. Information that is not currently published in ASI Certification Summary Audit Report pdfs will continue to be managed securely and in confidence. Users can also search for detailed information within that dataset on variables of interest, and download it in spreadsheet format for their own analyses.

In the elementAl Public Dashboard, ASI Certification data can be searched by standard topic, conformance level, supply chain activity, geography, member, auditor, certification status and timing, and any other relevant variable or keyword.

With more than 140 Certifications issued to date, and a strong pipeline of new and re-Certifications, this enables all stakeholders to easily access both a detailed and big picture view of the ASI program. ASI anticipates that this will catalyse insights, learning and ongoing improvements for members, auditors and the Certification program as a whole.


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