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8 November 2023

The final draft of the ASI Entity-level GHG Pathways Method and Excel-based Calculation Tool have now been recommended by the Standards Committee and are being tabled with the Board for endorsement in November. This will provide an “ASI endorsed methodology” for the 2022 Performance Standard criterion 5.3. A rollout to ASI members and auditors that includes guidance and training will follow in Q1 2024.

During 2023, the ASI Climate Change Working Group has been developing a method that ASI Entities can use to define GHG Emissions Reduction Pathways, consistent with a 1.5C warming scenario. The 2022 Performance Standard criterion 5.3 made provision for an “ASI endorsed methodology” for this work. While other forums are developing (or considering developing) pathways methods, they do not meet ASI’s full needs.

Agreement has been reached on the approach, assumptions and limitations of the final draft of the Entity-level GHG Pathways Method, including the context and detail for different Supply Chain Activities. The Calculation Tool is an Excel version of the method that requires minimal input from Entities (often 1-2 numbers) to generate Pathway(s) for the Entity, specific to the Supply Chain Activities within its Certification Scope.

ASI’s multi-stakeholder Standards Committee discussed the broader sectoral decarbonisation challenges and the proposed pathways method over 2 x 3 hour sessions at its in-person meeting in Liverpool and unanimously recommended it to the Board for endorsement. Following endorsement, updates to the Performance Standard Guidance and learning modules for members and auditors will be developed and rolled out, expected in Q1 2024.


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