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30 May 2024

Help decarbonise heavy industry by participating in this short survey! 

RMI, a nonpartisan organisation focused on the energy transition, is working to accelerate decarbonisation in high-emitting industries by improving the way companies account for the emissions of products they buy and sell. Over the past two years, RMI has worked with over one hundred companies to develop guidance and tools for reporting the emissions of steel and aluminium products. This work culminated in a series of case studies with 10 companies. 

While progress is being made to improve emissions transparency, challenges remain in translating disclosure to decarbonisation. Globally, producers of steel and aluminium continue to lack capacity to calculate and report their emissions. For downstream buyers of these products, managing Scope 3 data uncertainty and engaging suppliers is resource intensive.  

In their next phase of work, RMI is developing materials that will equip stakeholders along the steel and aluminum value chains with the tools they need to improve measurement of emissions, strengthen reporting capabilities, and enable reduction action. 

Please take this survey and reach out to Hylla Barbosa ( or Wenjuan Liu ( with any inquiries about RMI’s emissions accounting work.


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