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24 October 2023

ASI’s Guinea Project, an initiative to increase mining education in local communities impacted by bauxite mining, has made meaningful progress through workshops and training held in September and October, facilitated by ASI Secretariat members Dr Penda Diallo and Mark Annandale.

During interactive “train-the-trainer” workshops, 14 IPAF members in Guinea were trained in presentation skills and provided with tools to effectively deliver workshops and respond to questions. The training incorporated both practice presentations and feedback, allowing participants the opportunity to develop their knowledge in a practical setting. The IPAF members first tested delivering the workshop to the training group before it was facilitated in three communities in the Boke region and one in the Kindia region of Guinea.

The training provided a strong foundation for the IPAF members, who will begin rolling out the educational workshops in bauxite mining regions across Guinea in 2023/2024. By working closely with local IPAF members, the workshops can be tailored to each community’s needs and presented by trusted community members in culturally appropriate ways, in local languages.

The Guinea Project workshops represent an important milestone in establishing open communication and increasing understanding between mining companies and impacted communities. They provide a model for constructive engagement on mining education and responsible development that can be replicated across Guinea.

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