2019 activities

In 2018, ASI had its first year of implementation. We expanded our list of accredited auditors and registered specialists, issued the first certifications for both the Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard, achieved ISEAL Associate Membership, trained auditors and members on the ASI Standards and Assurance Program, and much more. See our 2018 wrap-up video for more details.

In 2019, ASI will continue to work on key topics via Working Groups, the Standards Committee and the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum and within the Secretariat. A summary of planned activities is in the table below. If you are interested to know more or become involved, please contact info@aluminium-stewardship.org

Organisational level

Plans for 2019:

  • Finalise the Monitoring and Evaluation plan with identified stakeholders, develop indicator protocols, and begin analyzing data to enable public reporting against key indicators.

2018 Plan: Develop the ASI Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan in preparation for ISEAL membership.
What we accomplished: ASI worked with the Committee on the draft M&E Plan, issued an updated Theory of Change in mid-2018 and successfully achieved ISEAL Associate Membership in December.

Plans for 2019:

  • In-person IPAF meeting in Ranchi, India in February 2019, along with local training for participants from a number of communities.
  • Development of a research project on FPIC for post-mining landscapes.

2018 Plan: – Development of 2018 in-person meeting and future workplan, including additional guidance development, studies, and identification of issues related to Indigenous Peoples for next major revision of the Standard.
What we accomplished: ASI successfully held its 2018 meeting in Suriname, and participants for the Standards Committee and key ASI Working Groups identified.  GIZ supported the participation of 2 IPAF participants at a workshop on standards programs in Berlin, where research on ASI’s governance model with IPAF was presented positively.

Plans for 2019:

  • Add features to the Secretariat Dashboard to support integrated oversight of certification workflows.
  • Continue to refine functionalities in the Member and Auditor Dashboards.

2018 Achievements

  • Completed all key functionalities for Member and Auditor Dashboards
  • Implemented a range of improvements in response to user feedback

Plans for 2019:

  • Migrate educationAl to a dedicated learning platform (Thinkific) to support an improved learning journey for users;
  • Introduce online proctoring for auditor competence assessments.

2018 Plan: Build up a body of webinars to inform stakeholders and auditors about the ASI Standards; Implement an in-person training program to train members, auditors and stakeholders during an in-depth 1-day session.
What we accomplished: educationAl platform has 18 webinars/video interviews offering core knowledge and insights into specific issues as well as first-person experiences on the ASI Standards and its implementation; over 100 persons were trained at in-person sessions in 8 locations world-wide.

Working Groups

Plans for 2019:

  • Document and publish ASI’s procedure, as developed within this Working Group, for Standards Benchmarking and Harmonisation.
  • Continue to review additional external certification standards and parallel initiatives for recognition.

Plans for 2019:

  • Continue with the development of guidance for small businesses including guidance to assist integration of SME’s including due diligence requirements for responsible sourcing.

Plans for 2019:

  • Progress the study to address implications of the COP21 agreement for the aluminium sector.
  • Guidance and methodologies to support Entities throughout the supply chain to establish context based and meaningful GHG reduction targets, based on scientific rationale.

Plans for 2019:

  • Refine the guidance to support members especially as topics for guidance are identified through the audit process.

Plans for 2019:

  • Finalise and share the new Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) guidance.
  • Development of additional guidance on Human Rights due diligence.
  • Review the Human Rights criteria for areas that may require enhancement (e.g. Migrant Workers) in preparation for the next major revision of the Performance Standard.

Plans for 2019:

  • Continue the work for the integration of ecosystem services and revision of the protected areas criteria in preparation for the next major revision of the Performance Standard

ASI’s Standards Setting Procedure outlines the process ASI uses for the development, approval, publication and revision of ASI Standards. The procedure applies to the development of new and revision of existing ASI Standards and is aligned with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice. The next planned review of the procedure is in 2019: if you have any comments or suggestions for the next review, please contact info@aluminium-stewardship.org

ASI has developed System Reports on the ISEAL Codes as part of its membership application, which aim to provide an overview of our approach for interested stakeholders.  You can download them here for more information:

Future plans

Aluminium is one of many elements on the periodic table, and aluminium itself is commonly alloyed with a range of other metals.  Downstream users of metals rarely deal in single-metal products.  There are both common and divergent issues and risks across different commodity supply chains.

ASI acknowledges that there are increasing calls from a range of stakeholders to look for inter-operability and harmonisation for a wider range of metal and mineral commodities.

Assuming this demand continues, in the medium to longer term, ASI will aim to work with stakeholders to help drive or support the development of an overarching standards program that covers multiple metals.  The goal would be to help extend the anticipated positive impact of programs like ASI.