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2017 Consultation on Standards and documentation ends. What’s next?

Next steps toward programme launch

Consultation documents and webinars remain accessible

For 60 days from May to July 2017, the full suite of ASI’s Standards and normative documentation was open for public consultation. In addition to making the various draft documents available via the ASI website, several webinars supported interested stakeholders with additional insights into the document contents, the changes from previous versions (where applicable) and an overview of the Standards programme. These documents and webinars remain accessible for stakeholders to consult for information purposes.

Piloting phase

From July through September 2017, ASI members and invited participants will have access to the online ASI assurance platform, dubbed “elementAl“. The piloting phase will not only enable participants to familiarise themselves with the platform, but also allow members to start to fill in some details of their self-assessment, and generally move toward the process of certification. Feedback will also be sought from piloting phase participants on their experience with the elementAl platform.

Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum meeting

In addition to the consultation phase feedback and results from the assurance platform piloting phase, the Standards Committee will also taken into account the outcomes of a meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Advisory Forum (IPAF) . The meeting, in late July in Nhulunbuy (Gove), Northern Territory, Australia, will enable IPAF to discuss the Standards programme and normative documents, among other agenda items.

Standards Committee to discuss all feedback

In September/October, all the inputs from the above mentioned feedback rounds will be discussed, debated and decided by the Standards Committee, with a view to having all the necessary elements ready for adoption of the final standards in November/December 2017.

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