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February 2020

Saudi Arabia



ASI Performance Standard Certified
ASI Chain of Custody Certified

About Ma'aden Aluminium

In 2009, Ma’aden established a joint venture with Alcoa to build the world’s most efficiently integrated aluminium project in Saudi Arabia. This USD 10.8 billion project includes a bauxite mine, a refinery, a smelter and one of the world’s most advanced rolling mills.

Its product, aluminium of the highest international standards, is sold to both domestic and global markets and is encouraging the development of additional downstream aluminium based industries within the Kingdom. Its can recycling unit has the capacity to recycle 120,000 mtpy of primarily used beverage can and will help foster the beginning of a new recycling industry in Saudi Arabia.

Ma’aden is a supplier of high quality primary and rolled product solutions to customers in local and international markets. Our state of the art rolling mill is strategically located in the heart of the Middle East. Its fully integrated supply chain offers a safe, secure & sustainable supply of high quality product.

ASI membership will create more impact on environmental and social issues collectively in Ma’aden. In addition, it will enhance reputation through proactive efforts to implement and support standards.

- Eng.Riyadh Al-Nassar SVP, Aluminum SBU President & CEO Office


Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification scope:
  • Ma’aden Aluminium includes Bauxite mining at the Al-Baitha Mine (Al-Qassim City, Saudi Arabia) and the operations at the Ras al-Khair plant (Ras Al Khair Industrial City, Saudi Arabia) for Alumina Refining/smelting, Aluminium Re-melting, Casthouses producing ingots, billets and slabs and manufacturing of flat rolled products.
Audit scope supply chain activities:
  • Bauxite mining
  • Alumina refining
  • Aluminium Smelting
  • Aluminium Re-melting / Refining
  • Casthouses
  • Semi-Fabrication

Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard V1 (2017) Certification scope:
  • Ma’aden Aluminium includes bauxite mining at the Al-Baitha Mine and operations at Ras al-Khair industrial city including alumina refining and smelting as well as casthouses producing ingots, billets and slabs. Also includes aluminium re-melting & manufacturing of flat rolled products
Audit scope supply chain activities:
  • Bauxite Mining
  • Alumina Refining
  • Aluminium Smelting
  • Aluminium Re-melting / Refining
  • Post-Casthouse

Additional Information

Activities in the aluminium value chain*

  • Bauxite mining
  • Alumina refining
  • Aluminium smelting
  • Aluminium re-melting, refining or recycling
  • Semi-fabrication (rolling, extrusion, casting)

* may contain both ASI-certified and non ASI-certified


Countries of operation

Middle East and North Africa

  • Saudi Arabia


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