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27 July 2023

ASI is working to support the adoption of circular economy principles in the aluminium value chain.  This commitment aligns with our pursuit to mitigate environmental impacts, optimise resource use, and enhance industry sustainability. To this end, the Circularity Working Group (CWG) convened for its inaugural meeting on July 19, 2023.

The meeting laid the groundwork for a structured and targeted approach to advancing circularity in industries and waste streams, recognising the significance of collaboration and standardised metrics for measuring progress. ASI Performance Standard Principle 4: Material Stewardship was highlighted as the focus of the Group’s mandate.

First, the Group discussed ASI’s proposed Circularity Framework. The Framework emphasises the need for a comprehensive systems approach, over and above increased recycling, and encourages changes at micro, meso, and macro levels. Participants leaned towards an entity-level approach  as compared to a top-down circularity framework, while an assessment of the materiality of relevant issues and sectors would serve as a means to prioritise areas of engagement. For instance, different strategies may be required for sectors like can manufacturing versus aerospace when considering the varying amounts of production scrap.

One key takeaway from the discussion was the need to expand the Circularity Working Programme beyond just aluminium metal processes. Participants urged the CWG to focus on improving circularity in other waste streams, such as bauxite mining residues, to strengthen the current Performance Standard criteria in this area.

Lastly, there was a query about a universally agreed methodology for measuring circularity rates. To ensure consistency within the group, it was suggested to establish clear metrics that everyone can agree upon.

To join the Circularity Working Group, contact Chinelo Etiaba, Membership Director.


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