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ASI Standards Revision Process: Second and final public consultation gets underway

The second and final public consultation on the draft revised ASI Standards and supporting documents has now begun, running from 7th January 2022 until 6th February 2022 (30 days). The new versions of the draft revised documents, as well as the new workbook for submitting feedback, are available for download in English, French and Chinese on the Standards Revision page of our website.

Below, we outline the opportunities for our stakeholders to get involved in the consultation process and the process for submitting feedback.

1. Get involved: Join our overview webinar

On 13th January 2022, two webinars will be held that will provide an overview to the revised documents and the further details on the Revision and consultation processes.

Registration is now open for the:

2. Get involved: Download the consultation documents

Download the consultation documents from the Standards Revision page to see the changes that have been incorporated following from feedback obtained in the first consultation. See the key proposed changes and other consultation period details in the updated overview document for this second and final consultation period.

The new draft versions of the revised documents (i.e., ASI Performance Standard, ASI Performance Standard Guidance, ASI Chain of Custody Standard, ASI Chain of Custody Standard Guidance, ASI Assurance Manual, ASI Claims Guide, ASI Glossary), as well as the new workbook for submitting feedback, are available for download in English, French and Chinese. Note that throughout the documents, all proposed amendments to published versions are included as tracked changes, but changes made to drafts since the first public consultation (held in 2021) are [highlight style=”blue”]highlighted in blue.[/highlight]

3. Get involved: Download the new consultation feedback workbook

Download the new consultation feedback workbook from the Standards Revision page and enter your feedback.  Send your workbook by 6th February, 2022 at midnight GMT to

The last public consultation on ASI draft Standards and supporting documents in April 2021 yielded over 600 comments. We are hoping for a similar response for this round and so, to enable us to compile and address this feedback quickly and efficiently, we are requesting that respondents use a workbook-based template to record and submit their comments. Stakeholders are requested to consult and follow the instructions on the use of the new workbook on the Standards Revision page.

While ASI prefers to reference attributed comments, we respect that there may be situations where you would like to remain anonymous and the workbook does allow for such anonymous responses.

Feedback received in formats other than in the workbook provided will still be accepted, but may not be prioritised for consideration, because it will need to be compiled manually.

What’s next?

Adoption of the revised Standards is expected by May 2022, followed by a 12-month period during which Entities can choose to audit against the existing (2017) or revised (2022) standards.

2020-2022 ASI Standards Revision timeline


From May 2022 the Standards Committee will explore further refinement of Guidance material (with a more regular, defined schedule of updates) and to tackle multi-year criteria development, aligned with ASI’s new Strategy and 2030 Sustainability Priorities: climate change, circularity, nature-positive action and human rights. Evaluation of ASI’s certification and “Beyond Certification” programmes will also be addressed – under the Initiative’s new Data and Research work stream.

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