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February 2022 Newsletter headlines

Here are the highlights from the latest newsletter edition:

Standard Revision process update

The final public consultation on the proposed draft revisions of the ASI Standards and supporting documents has concluded with an impressive number of nearly 500 comments logged. The feedback has been categorised and the Standards Committee has started discussions, prioritisation and deliberations on the final wording of the revised ASI Standards. Read More.

New ASI Issue Brief on Low-carbon aluminium

Total aluminium sector emissions are 2% of all human-made emissions. Under a 1.5 degree scenario, the aluminium sector must reduce its emissions to one-twentieth of current emissions by 2050. The pathways and technologies for this will require significant investment. Read More.

ASI Board and Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum (IPAF) meeting

On February 3, the ASI Board and IPAF met via teleconference. The last opportunity to meet in person was prior to Covid. Read More.

How Guinea’s mineral wealth can be used to benefit ordinary people: here’s a to-do list

Dr Penda Diallo, ASI Qualitative Research Manager has published an article on The Conversation that takes a closer look at the moves being made by the newly formed government in Guinea, and identifies a way forward that could bring the benefits of mining to the wider Guinean population, in order to break with previous regimes’ modus operandi. Read More.

Latest ASI Survey Unlocks Drivers, Benefits and Challenges of ASI Membership and Certification

Following 6 years of continued membership growth, ASI welcomed its 200th Member in 2021. With further growth predicted in the coming years, ASI’s Strategy in 2022 is focused on ensuring effective governance, implementing credible programs, driving positive change within the aluminium value chain and engaging with affected stakeholders “Beyond Certification”. To deliver on our Strategy, it is crucial for us to understand what drives Entities to join ASI, what benefits they expect to receive, and the challenges that they face. Read More.

Watch the recording: CEO Roundtable for Investors webinar hosted by CRU

ASI CEO, Fiona Solomon and ASI Director of Standards, Chris Bayliss joined the heads of the leading metal sustainability assurance schemes —  Coppermark and ResponsibleSteel — at the CEO Roundtable for Investors: Aluminium, copper & steel sustainability assurance, hosted by CRU and directed at the investor community. Note that login to the platform is required to view the video. Read More.

Register now: 45 Minutes on…
Addressing modern slavery in the ASI Performance Standard

Violations of human rights are a global phenomenon, occurring regardless of political spectrum or economic model.  Join us for a webinar on addressing modern slavery, presented by the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB). Read More.

  1. Europe/Asia: 8:30 AM GMT • 9:30AM CET • 7:30PM AEDT | > REGISTRATION
  2. Americas: 7:30PM GMT • 8:30PM CET • 2:30 PM EST | > REGISTRATION

Watch the recordings

Each of our 45 Minutes on… webinars is recorded and publicly available. Read More.

educationAl online learning portal sees strong growth in learners in 2021

As part of the process to migrate our educationAl online learning portal to a new platform (see next article), we took stock of our new learners in 2021 and identified several positive trends. Read More.

ASI’s learning portal, educationAl getting an upgrade

To improve the user experience and provide easy access to a broader and richer range of training materials to our growing audiences, ASI will be transitioning its educationAl online learning portal to a new platform in May 2022. Read More.

ASI Certifications update

In February, ASI Members achieved nine new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline. Read More.

  • Novelis Inc. has achieved ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification for the manufacture of aluminium and aluminium coil and sheet, which includes the processes of recycling and remelting at its subsidiary, Novelis Korea Limited, Yeongju Plant. Consult the media release.
  • ALVANCE British Aluminium has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification with Provisional status for its smelting and casting operation at Lochaber, Scotland. Consult the media release.
  • BORBET Group has achieved ASI Performance Standard Certification with a focus on Material Stewardship for the manufacture of alloy wheels at BORBET Group facilities including Medebach (Germany), Ranshofen (Austria), Solingen (Germany), Bad Langensalza (Germany), Port Elizabeth (South Africa) and Kodersdorf (Germany) as well as Corporate Headquarters at Hesborn, Germany. Consult the media release.
  • Mineração Rio do Norte – MRN has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for the planning, mining, transport, processing, river shipment of bauxite and power generation at the Mineração Rio do Norte – MRN facility in Porto Trombetas, State of Pará, Brazil. Consult the media release.
  • Ball Beverage Packaging India has achieved ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard Certification for the manufacture and supply of aluminium can bodies and procurement and supply of can ends at its two plants operating in Sri City and Taloja, India. Consult the media release.
  • Crown Holdings, Inc. has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for six beverage can body and end production plants in Mexico operating in Ensenada, Guadalajara, Toluca, Juarez, and Monterrey, as well as the Corporate Office in Monterrey. Consult the media release.

ASI Membership news

In February, ASI welcomed two Production & Transformation members and one Industrial User member, bringing the total number of ASI members to 213. Read More.

  • Huanghe Xinye Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Synprim Metal Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Superior Industries

Upcoming Events

ASI Secretariat team members will be speaking at the following events. Read More.

  • 20th Annual Advisian Petcoke Conference | February 25, 2022
  • ALUS’10 | March 3-4, 2022
  • Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing | March 9-10, 2022
  • Euro Mine Expo | June 15, 2022
  • IBAAS-JNARDDC 2022 Conference and Exhibition | September 14-17, 2022

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