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October 2021 Newsletter headlines

Here are the highlights from the latest newsletter edition:

ASI’s position and direction on a 1.5°C pathway aligned aluminium sector

The aluminium sector emits 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, around 4 percent of the global total. By 2050, demand for aluminium is expected to grow by up to 75%, met by both primary and (increasingly) recycled supply (IAI, 2021). In a 1.5 degree Celsius future, this demand would need to be met while reducing total sector-wide emissions by well over 75%. How is the ASI Standards Revision addressing the challenge of climate change mitigation and adaptation in the sector? Read more.

Indigenous engagement pilot workshop held in Arnhem Land Northern Australia: Workshop report

Indigenous company Nawa Nawa Consultants, Indigenous-owned Gulkula Mining Company (Gulkula) and ASI are working to develop an Indigenous-led and FPIC-aligned information sharing and consultation methodology on bauxite mining and mineral exploration for affected Indigenous communities.  The intention of this project is not to support mining proponents, but to empower Indigenous communities to make their own informed determinations for land use and development as part of due processes.  The aims to create capacity building models that are embedded within Indigenous communities themselves, and are not tied to a particular company, government or other vested interest. Read more.

M&E Insights: Analysis of implementation and public reporting on social and governance criteria

Following requests from the ASI Standards Committee for further implementation data on the Standard, ASI has today published a report which analyses implementation and public reporting on several social and governance criteria by ASI Certified Entities with certification periods covering January 2019 to March 2021. The study reveals overall consistent implementation of the criteria explored and gives several insights into improvements for consideration in the revisions process. It was conducted by Dr. Leo von Carlowitz. Read more.

Roshan Bhuyan appointed as ASI Data Visualisation Developer

ASI is pleased to welcome Roshan Bhuyan to the ASI Secretariat. Roshan brings strong data generation, analysis and visualisation experience, as well as deep background in technical data gathering and experience in implementing a range of data visualisation methods and frameworks, particularly with Microsoft’s PowerBI software. Read more.

Olaf Kattenpoel appointed as ASI Assurance Support

ASI is delighted to announce that Olaf Kattenpoel has joined the ASI Secretariat to support the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of ASI Certification and ASI Accreditation workflows. Read more.

Join us for 45 minutes on… Crunching the numbers: Analysing ASI Certification Data using the new ASI Public Dashboard

With more than 150 Certifications issued to date and a strong pipeline of new and re-Certifications, the Public Dashboard enables all stakeholders to easily gain both a detailed and big picture view of the ASI program via tabular and graphical data, search and filter functionalities, and more. Read more.

ASI Certifications update

In October, ASI Members achieved eight new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline. Read more.

  • Greatview Aseptic Packaging has achieved ASI Performance Standard with a focus on Material Stewardship for its aseptic carton packaging production activities at its Germany plant, as well as the centralised material stewardship activities of the company’s main products conducted at the Head Office. Consult the media release.
  • Novelis has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for its aluminium rolling and recycling activities at its facility in Pindamonhangaba, Brazil. The plant is the largest such complex in South America. Consult the media release.
  • Kam Kiu Aluminium Products Group has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for its re-melting/refining, casting and extrusion activities at the Taishan City Kam Kiu Aluminium Extrusion Co., Ltd. facility, located in Taishan City, China. Consult the media release.
  • MYTILINEOS S.A. has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for its upstream activities undertaken by the company’s Metallurgy Business Unit in Greece, including bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting and casting. Consult the media release.
  • Magna PT B.V. & Co. KG has achieved ASI Performance Standard with a focus on Material Stewardship for its material conversion activities in the development and manufacture of gearboxes, drive systems and automotive components for two facilities in Germany. Consult the media release.
  • Novelis has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification with Provisional status for remelting, casting and rolling activities at the Voerde and Koblenz sites in Germany. Novelis Europe has also expanded its Chain of Custody scope to include these sites. Consult the media release.
  • TRIMET Aluminium SE has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for its aluminium recycling and casting operations at its Gelsenkirchen, Germany plant.  Consult the media release.
  • Yunnan YunLv Yongxin Aluminium Co., Ltd. has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for its aluminium smelting and casting operations in the Yangjie Industrial Park, Yunnan Province, China. Consult the media release.

ASI Membership news

In September, ASI welcomed two Production & Transformation members and one Association member bringing the total number of ASI members to 198. Read more.

  • Shanghai Aluminum Trade Association  – Association
  • Leicthmetall Aluminium Gisserei Hannover GmbH – Production & Transformation
  • alimex – Production & Transformation

Upcoming Events

ASI Secretariat team members will be speaking at the following events. Read more.

  • AZ China • November 16, 2021
  • ISCOBA 2021 Conference • November 24, 2021
  • IBAAS-JNARDDC 2022 Conference and Exhibition • February 2-4, 2022
  • ALUS’10 • March 3-4, 2022
  • Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing • March 9-10, 2022

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