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10 March 2022

The ASI Board and Secretariat have been deeply troubled by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the ensuing displacement and loss of life. Russia’s ongoing military actions have been rightly condemned, among global calls for Russia to respect international law and human rights, and to restore peace.

We are actively monitoring the implications for the ASI program and members, and are focusing on two key aspects:

  • Implications for ASI of sanctions on actors, which may include ASI members, their controlling entities or beneficiaries
  • Implications from an ESG process and outcome perspective, such as in ASI standards, assurance and certifications

As ASI is incorporated in Australia, we will be assessing the implications of all Australian government decisions for our operations and members, and decisions of other governments that may affect our multi-stakeholder governance.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and for everyone directly or indirectly affected by recent tragic events. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the ASI CEO.


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