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27 October 2022

Despite a proliferation of standards and guidance for business on biodiversity and ecosystem services, including within ASI’s Performance Standard, there is often a gap between the adoption of principles and high quality outcomes for biodiversity following implementation. It is important to address this gap, as biodiversity loss is increasing globally.

Countries are recognising a need to address biodiversity loss through the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) currently under development.

The COMBO Program is working with countries to encourage policy which supports biodiversity targets of No Net Loss or a Net Gain following development. Application of such policy by developers requires accessible biodiversity data to identify the required actions.

As governments from around the world prepare to meet in December to agree to a new set of goals for nature for the coming decade, ASI Standards Committee member and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Senior Advisor, Dr. Hugo Rainey joins the ASI Secretariat to explore the new tools and metrics available to policymakers and industry to enable impactful decision-making against a backdrop of complex and diverse ecosystems and communities.

This 45 Minutes on… session will be held twice to enable participation in all time zones.

Critical Ecosystem Areas: Better biodiversity metrics for business

Date: November 8, 2022
Time (session 1): 8AM London • 9AM Berlin • 7PM Melbourne
Time (session 2): 5PM London • 12PM New York • 9AM Los Angeles




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