FAQ considering ASI Membership

I'm considering ASI Membership

I would like to become ASI Certified

I'd like to source ASI Aluminium ASI Alumina, or ASI Bauxite

I'd like to become an ASI Accredited Auditor

I’m considering ASI Membership


What kinds of organisations can join ASI?

ASI is a multi-stakeholder organisation and welcomes all organisations with an interest in the aluminium value chain.  Follow the path below to find the right membership class for your organisation – more information on each class is available in the ASI Membership Information and Application Form.

Why should my company join ASI?

Join ASI to improve your performance and scale up your progress on key environmental, social and governance issues through collective action. By joining ASI, you become part of the global effort to drive positive change.

Do I need to be a member to be certified by ASI?

Yes, eligible companies must become ASI members in either the Production and Transformation or Industrial User membership class to pursue ASI Certification.  Membership fees contribute to the management and oversight of the overall program.

In terms of resources, how much time on a weekly or monthly basis is needed for a proper engagement within ASI?

Members can engage as much or as little as they like. Some ASI members are active in Working Groups which are open to all, or the Board or Standards Committee where elected. Others are mainly focused on achieving or maintaining ASI Certification in their business. We provide online learning opportunities through educationAl for all interested members, and an online assurance platform, elementAl, for Certification.

Defining your membership

How do I decide between Production and Transformation and Industrial User classes?

If your organisation carries out any bauxite mining, alumina refining, or aluminium smelting, you must nominate the Production and Transformation membership class.

Other supply chain activities may appear to be eligible for either of these classes.  Nominate the one that most accurately reflects your organisation’s predominant business activities.  More information is in the ASI Membership Information and Application Form or contact us at info@aluminium-stewardship.org to discuss your situation

If we join in the ‘Production and Transformation’ or ‘Industrial User’ class, would it be okay not to get certified?

No. A requirement of ASI Membership is that all Production and Transformation and Industrial User members must have at least one facility or part of the business certified as meeting the requirements of the ASI Performance Standard. This is a condition of continued membership.

Our company is engaged in business across various sectors, and only some of the business is connected to the aluminium value chain. Can we fill out the membership form based only on the sales and employees for the aluminium-related parts of the business?

The company that joins ASI as a member needs to be a legal entity.  If you have a subsidiary company that has the relevant connections to the aluminium value chain in your business, then you can join that as the ASI member. However if there is only the one company that covers more than aluminium-related activities, then it will need to join as the member and the sales and number of employees will need to relate to the legal entity/company that joins ASI.

We belong to a group of several companies. Can we become members together or do we need separate memberships for each?

You can choose to join each subsidiary company individually, or join the parent group that controls these companies as a single member. There is also the option for two or more bodies corporate to jointly hold an ASI membership, as described on page 10-11 of the membership application form and further in the ASI Constitution

Could we ‘convert’ our membership to the whole group if we decide to do so in the future?

Yes, you can change your membership to cover the whole group in the future. To make the change you will need to send us another copy of the Membership Form, updated with details for the whole Group. Your annual membership fee won’t change if the annual turnover/revenue stays in the same category. If your annual turnover changes to the next category, we will send you an invoice for the difference in the membership fee.

We are part of a Joint Venture – how does ASI membership work?

In order for a Joint Venture to participate in ASI’s membership structure and (where applicable) the ASI certification program, at least one Joint Venture party, or the Joint Venture entity itself, must be an ASI member.  Find out more in ASI’s Joint Ventures Policy.


Who funds ASI?

ASI is funded primarily through membership fees, with some revenue from auditor accreditation, events, grants and projects.  ASI publishes its audited financial statements annually on the website for transparency.

How much does it cost to be an ASI member?

A key principle of ASI is to be inclusive, encouraging organisations of all types and sizes to become members.  A range of membership fees are applicable depending on the type, size and/or purpose of your organisation.  Civil Society members that participate in an ASI Working Group, the Standards Committee and/or the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum do not pay membership fees.  Visit the Join ASI page for the latest ASI Membership Information and Application Form to find current fee rates.

Is ASI membership valid only for 12 months and the membership fee should be paid annually?

Yes. There is an annual membership fee to continue your ASI membership.

Do ASI membership fees cover the costs of audits?

No. The membership fees do not cover the costs of audits as this varies depending on the nature and number of audits you seek. The audit arrangements, including the commercial terms, are between you and your chosen ASI Accredited Audit Firm.

Does ASI charge any extra fees beyond the membership fee?

No. The ASI membership fee is a flat annual fee and there are no additional costs charged by ASI for Certificates, or for labelling or volumes of material if certified against the Chain of Custody Standard.


How long would it take for my company details to be on the ASI website after I pay my membership?

Normally it takes one or two business days after we have received the payment.

Can we communicate our ASI membership on our website and other public communications?

ASI members can communicate their ASI engagement through any forum.  You will also feature on ASI’s website with your own member page. You can consult the ASI Claims Guide for general advice, and the ASI Style Guide for more information on logo usage.