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3 May 2022

Always improving

Our ASI membership is important because it drives us to be more socially responsible. It is also in line with our company ethos and goal to continually improve on our legislative, environmental and social responsibilities.

By implementing the ASI standards, we have the advantage of reducing the business management risks we face internally and externally. A bonus is that our stakeholders, including the community within which we operate, our customers, shareholders and employees feel assured in their relationship with our company. The wider impact of this assurance is a more harmonious state.

More generally, we appreciate ASI’s fairness and rigour, the global application of the certification standards and the fact that they do not discriminate against businesses of any particular area.


The journey so far

Internally, our ESG policies have been shared with staff and there is an increasing awareness of sustainability among the staff and senior management.

We have been pushing for energy conservation and emission reduction. Last year, we started to plan for carbon neutralisation. We have completed the material analysis and carbon inventory, and conducted customer interviews to find out customer requirements and expectations.

In line with our objectives to develop green plants, achieve low carbon emissions and be environmentally friendly in our production, we have introduced an oil vapour circulation system in all of our plants, being the first company to do so in China. This system ensures the reduction of oil consumption and the environmental impact as we are recirculating the oil used in the rolling system.

Regarding our social performance, we are driven to improve outcomes for the community and so continuously seek opportunities to create value. We have donated to and driven several philanthropic outreach programmes which include, the construction of two primary schools in Western China, the donation of 100 vehicles to Western China (the monetary value of which amounts to 10 million RMB) and the donation of 10 million HKD to a local middle school. During the coronavirus pandemic, we collaborated with the city in the battle against the virus. We donated 1 million RMB in cash and we also encouraged our employees to donate.

Xiashun was awarded “Green Plant” in October 2020

Interactions with the local community

Donation for the construction of two primary schools in Western China

Donation of 10 million HKD to a local middle school for the foundation of a Youth Development Fund

Collaboration with the city in the battle against the coronavirus” in October 2020

100 vehicles donated to Western China

Seeing results

Through our efforts in energy and auxiliary material consumption reduction our energy consumption per tonne of foil has been continuously declining. In terms of our governance and human rights performance, we are proud of our positive contributions to local education and health initiatives.

Looking ahead

We aim to continue to build on our achievements so far as we push for the supply chain to be greener and more sustainable. We encourage our suppliers to follow our example and adopt ASI principles, which are a tool for improvement and supply chain management.


Xiamen Xiashun Aluminium Foil Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of light-gauge aluminium foil in the world, and the largest manufacturer of six- to seven-micron aluminium foil products.



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