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About ASI

Legal, Finance and Policies

Information on ASI's legal status, annual general meetings, financial statements, key policies, logo usage, and limitation of liability.

Legal Status

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative Ltd was incorporated as a non-profit public company limited by guarantee in Australia in June 2015 and is a Registered Charity.

ASI’s Constitution was first adopted by members at the April 2016 Annual General Meeting, and an updated version has been adopted by ASI members through a special resolution by e-ballot held from 20 November to 4 December 2019. The Constitution sets out ASI’s non-profit status and the organisation’s objects, as well as required articles for general corporate governance under the applicable legislation.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative Ltd registrations:

  • Australian Company Number (ACN):  606 661 125
  • Australian Business Number (ABN): 29 606 661 125
Aluminium Stewardship Initiative is a registered charity in Australia


AGM Minutes and Financial Statements

Download the:



ASI adopts By-Laws and Policies to govern its activities.  Below are our current By-Laws and public policies.  If you have any questions or comments on these, please contact



Creative Commons License
All ASI data on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


ASI Style Guide and Logo Usage Guidance

ASI has mapped out rules for its various logo variations, which are set out in the ASI Style Guide, the latest version of which can be found in the Library. For additional information or questions, contact our communications team.


ASI Limitation of Liability Disclaimer

Organisations that make ASI-related claims are each responsible for their own compliance with Applicable Law, including laws and regulations related to labelling, advertisement, and consumer protection, and competition or antitrust laws, at all times. ASI does not accept liability for any violations of Applicable Law or any infringement of third-party rights (each a Breach) by other organisations, even where such Breach arises in relation to, or in reliance upon, any ASI Standard, document or other material, recommendation or directive issued by or on behalf of ASI. ASI gives no undertaking, representation or warranty that compliance with an ASI Standard, document or other material, recommendation or directive issued by or on behalf of ASI will result in compliance with any Applicable law, or will avoid any Breach from occurring.