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August 2021

United States



ASI Performance Standard Certified
ASI Chain of Custody Certified

About Tri-Arrows Aluminum

Tri-Arrows Aluminum is a leading supplier of rolled aluminum sheet in the North American Market focusing on Beverage Can Sheet. Our products are manufactured at Logan Aluminum, a joint venture production facility between Tri-Arrows and Novelis Corporation. Logan Aluminum is a world-class facility respected as one of the most efficient aluminum mills in the world. Tri-Arrows is owned by a consortium composed of the UACJ Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation. Tri-Arrows has always focused on productivity, reliability, technical expertise, sustainability, and customer service leading to long-term industry supplier and customer relationships and sustained success.

Success in our key markets has driven recent investments of over $400M at Logan Aluminum impacting everything from recycling to finishing operations. With a lean operation in Louisville, KY, Tri-Arrows delivers the highest quality aluminum sheet to customers who put their trust in us every day. Tri-Arrows focuses on maximizing value, flexibility and sustainability. Everything we do is intended to benefit our stakeholders, employees, and local communities.

At Tri-Arrows Aluminum, we understand the greater responsibility we have to strengthen the environmental and societal well-being for future generations. The actions we take to reduce waste, to improve recycling, and to minimize emissions are core to the long-term value of our business. We need to make a measurable difference. The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative spotlights the advantage of aluminum as a sustainable raw material. We believe achieving ASI certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the stakeholders, employees, and communities we serve.

- Henry Gordinier, President and CEO Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Inc


Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification scope:
  • Tri-Arrows Aluminum Corporate Office, located in Louisville, Kentucky USA which provides commercial functions and related processes to the Logan Aluminum manufacturing facility (ASI Performance Standard Certificate #193).
Audit scope supply chain activities:
  • Material Conversion (Industrial Users)

Performance Standard V2 (2017) Audit scope:
  • Remelting, recycling, casting, hot mill rolling, cold mill rolling, and coil finishing at the Logan Aluminum facility in Russellville, KY, USA
Audit scope supply chain activities:
  • Aluminium Re-melting/Refining
  • Casthouses
  • Semi-Fabrication
Logan Aluminum is a joint venture production facility between Tri-Arrows and Novelis Corporation.

Additional Information

Activities in the aluminium value chain*

  • Aluminium re-melting, refining or recycling
  • Semi-fabrication (rolling, extrusion, casting)

* may contain both ASI-certified and non ASI-certified


Countries of operation


  • United States


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