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20 December 2022

World events set the context in which ASI is trying to drive change

Climate-related emergencies are growing in frequency and intensity.  But COP27 highlighted that there is still only modest progress, at best, on decarbonisation towards a 1.5C target.

The COP15 for biodiversity has just concluded, with the UN’s environment chief warning that “we are at war with nature” and must tackle “the biodiversity apocalypse”.

Within this context of crisis, Indigenous Peoples and local communities face growing pressures on their traditional livelihoods and cultures.

Energy shortages and prices, the ongoing war in Ukraine and continuing inflationary pressures can create uncertainties around investment in change.

The challenges are many, but speak to the urgency of collective action.  We must continue to drive towards progress on our sustainability priorities in the aluminium value chain:

2030 Sustainability priorities

Drive sector-wide climate change mitigation and adaptation within below 1.5C scenario.

Drive circularity: reduce metal losses, design out waste and pollution, regenerate natural systems.

Drive nature-positive action on biodiversity, ecosystem services and bauxite mining rehabilitation.

Drive local action, capacity building and supply chain due diligence to respect human rights.

ASI in numbers in 2022

The ASI Certification program provides independent assurance of entity conformance against ASI Standards through accredited third-party auditors.

ASI’s program continues to grow its uptake throughout the aluminium value chain.  By 9 December 2022, ASI has achieved the following in the year to date, with a few more in the pipeline for year’s end:

New ASI Members welcomed
(2021:  58)

New ASI Certifications
(2021:  61)

ASI Audits conducted
(2021:  121)

Witness Assessments
(2021:  0)


Ongoing scaling of ASI

We have been steadily welcoming new members this year across a diverse range of operating locations.  This is showing up in the global distribution of ASI Certifications, shown for the Performance Standard below.

Membership growth 2015-2021 (Actual) and 2022 YTD (to November 2022)

Performance Standard Certification > 100 companies in 55 countries

ASI’s 2022-2023 Priorities

Standards Revision and Rollout

Revised ASI Standards documents were launched in May 2022, following a 3 year process.

  • Support 1 year transition period
  • Ongoing Guidance update cycles
  • Assurance integrity – oversight, witness, auditor community of practice, learning
  • elementAL 2.0 build – enhancing ASI’s online assurance platform

Data and Research

Data and transparency are a key horizon challenge for the aluminium – and all – sectors, and flow through other issues by providing critical insights on issues and progress.

  • DigitAL integrations – data readiness
  • Data and research plan – internal, collaborations
  • Beyond Certification projects
  • Dashboards and analysis – insights, communications

Engagement and Alignment

Positioning ASI within a complex landscape of standards and initiatives.

  • Financial sector engagement
  • Downstream engagement
  • Benchmarking and harmonisation activities
  • Growing members and supporting good governance
  • Team development

Some 2022 highlights in ASI’s work

It has been an incredibly busy year as always.  Some of the highlights for our hard-working team include:


The transition continues into 2023

ASI aims to drive transformative change for aluminium through a sector-wide and inclusive approach.  While we can celebrate early progress, there is much work still ahead.  We thank all our members, partners and the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum for joining us on this journey.

Climate, circularity, nature, human rights:  the challenges are broad, complex and inter-connected.  The issues must be tackled together to support effective and just transitions.  Considering only one or some, in isolation from the others, will create unintended consequences.

We all have roles to play – both in incremental change, and ultimately catalysing and coalescing for transformational change.  ASI works to drive change through both its standards and ‘beyond certification’ activities, working directly with a range of Indigenous communities.


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