ASI development timeline

Dec 05

Agreement to develop ASI work program

The Scoping Phase Report’s conclusions ultimately led to the establishment of ASI, and in 2011, there was agreement among 14 companies representing the entire aluminium value chain to develop the ASI work program. The founding members announced ASI’s establishment at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September 2012.

Dec 06

Report from Track Record recommending third-party certification system

Report from Track Record recommending third-party certification system

The result of the formal study was the “Responsible Aluminium Scoping Phase Main Report”, which summarised the industry’s environmental, social and governance sustainability – related risks and opportunities. The report also underscored the need for an international multi-stakeholder approach that could complement existing sustainability programs throughout the aluminium industry.

Aug 19

Responsible Aluminium group launches charter

Responsible Aluminium group launches a call to like-minded organisations via its “Charter for Organisations” to join and “…support the development of a credible and independently verifiable aluminium scheme that seeks to minimise impact and improve performance throughout the aluminium value-chain, recognised by the industry and external stakeholders.” The participation was to be active, transparent and inclusive to all interested parties.

Oct 05

Multi-stakeholder group joins forces on ‘responsible aluminium’

In 2009, a global group of stakeholders was convened with representatives from the aluminium industry, civil society, research and policy organisations, as well as industrial users of aluminium. The group discussed challenges, opportunities and needs facing the aluminium value chain as a whole, and a formal study was commissioned.