On April 27, the ASI Board adopted the revised ASI Performance and Chain of Custody Standards, supporting Guidance, Assurance Manual, Claims Guide and Glossary as By-Laws.  These 2022 versions of the ASI Certification documents are the outcome of a major Standards Revision process and will be formally launched around May 19.

Following almost three years of Standards Committee and Working Group discussions, a multi-stakeholder development process, two rounds of public consultation and significant redrafting, and legal reviews, the Revised Standards and supporting documents have now been successfully adopted by the ASI Board.  The 2022 versions are the outcome of ASI’s first major revision since the launch of its Standards and Certification program in 2017.

The 2022 versions will be published on ASI’s website on May 19, supported by other operational updates in ASI’s online assurance platform, elementAL, and learning platform, educationAL, which are currently being finalised.  Translations are also being organised and will be published when they are available.

In the 12-month period following the launch, Entities can choose to audit against either the existing (2017) or revised (2022) Standards. After this time only the 2022 Standards will be eligible to be used for ASI Certifications, and the 2017 versions will be retired.  Existing certifications against the 2017 standards can continue for their full certification cycle.

The new Assurance Manual (V2) and Claims Guide (V2) will be launched at the same time as the revised Standards and will replace the existing versions immediately with no transition period.

The ASI Board extends sincere thanks to the hard-working ASI team, Standards Committee, Working Groups and all stakeholders who have contributed to this important process.  The 2022 versions reflect a strong commitment to collaboration and consensus-building in tackling changes in knowledge, stakeholder expectations and priority issues.